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Hello, we’ve got our first cockatiel, Johnny 6 months ago from a bird shop. He is now about 8 months old and has a very male personality. The taming progress is very slow despite we do everything as the forums or the books say. I would like to get some tips on taming and bonding. Please see below the summary of our progress and questions. Would be very much appreciated if you could give some advice..

  • He eats from our hand now but he hates our hand/fingers. He will hiss or bite (not too hard) or grab our fingers with his beak to move away if it's near him. How can we let him get used to us and our hands? We are hoping he would stand on our shoulder or head one day even if he hates hands. We play music and talk to him softly every day to interact but can't play with any objects as he freaks out.
  • He started flying around the room but only stays at the top of his cage or the lamp. He is still very scared of coming to the lower level, hence he never comes to our table, sofa, even at the bottom of his cage. I place millet sprays and toys on the table but no luck so far. Any tips on how to attract him to the lower level?
  • He learned to touch my finger/target stick with his beak, but he refuses to move where he is (very stubborn) so I can only target around his head lol. I tried with a clicker but no progress yet.
  • He screams and flies around when he sees seagulls flying outside, not sure if this is healthy for him.
  • His cage has a big base stand so the cage is quite tall. Is it better to place the cage on the floor so he won't be so bossy and stubborn? He stands at the roof top of his cage most times and he is normally above my eye level.
  • Some articles said it's good to wrap a scared tiel with a towel and hold it to our chest to teach we are safe. Would this work for a cockatiel like him?
  • He is extremely scared of any kind of vegetables and fruits. He only eats seeds, millet, and a bit of pellet. Is it important to keep giving him vegetables in his cage until he tries?
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