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noticed Dudley's foot/toes weren't wrapping around my finger when he came out to me & sounded like he was crying but he is 8 weeks I thought maybe hungry & forgets to eat unless I hold it to him- I flapped crazily & then I saw blood- looked like his entire toenail is off- my quick thinking side kick ran & got some liquid stuff he has for dogs/cats/birds it stopped the bleeding but do I need to f/u w/ vet or just keep a close eye?:
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I would expect there to be lots of blood if an entire toe nail came off. For future reference you can just use flour to stop the bleeding, always handy to know in an emergency! :)

The good news is that lacking in the toenail department won't bother your baby in the slightest once it heals over. My Snickers hatched without a toenail, and i have had a budgie in my aviary with only one TOE and she still managed perfectly fine!
I guess anything fine and powdery would help to clot the blood. The only worry with potting soil is the germs that might be in there.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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