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One down, one to go.

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Dooby has lost the first of his long yellow barred tail feathers.:( Only one to go, my liitle boy is all grown up now:p
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Awww! Better save them as memories... He's becoming a man now!
Yeah, I've saved all the long feathers that he's lost. *sniff* he's not a baby any more.
awww cheer up he had to become a big boy sometime :D but he will always be your baby ;)
Yeah, he's still my cuddly little man!!
Aww! Looks like Earl & Dooby are going through the same thing. Earl lost a big yellow barred tail feather a week ago and he lost a big grey tail feather last night (9th Sunday Dec 07) :D
Ohh and he has lost loads of little feathers, they get everywhere :)
Awww, Dooby is turning out to be such a handsome man though. I'm sure he's celebrating the loss of those baby feathers. ;)
Spike is molting too. He has one grey feather on his wing that has a yellow spot on it, I think it is neat :) Our babies are becoming big boys now :( At least the static crying has stopped :p
Awww! Dooby will always be your baby! Even when he does turn into a big bird! :D
Those nice feathers are coming through!!

Awww! Dooby will always be your baby! Even when he does turn into a big bird! :D
That is right he will still be your little baby, but just with big new feathers:D:D
Nawwwww, the other one's gone now.
:eek: don't worry! He'll make up for it by having teenage mood swings.:p
Oh now, funny you should say that..........he's had me in tears this morning! I was cleaning him out and rearranging his cage for him, he launched himself at me and bit chunks out of my hand! He really hurt and when I spoke to him quietly and tried to calm him down, he did it again. The outcome is, I couldn't get near him, he was being really horrible. I put his new food etc in his cage and he went in on his own, then I shut him in. I really don't want Dooby to be a nasty bird because I love him to bits. I can't just hold my hand out for him to bite either, he hurts too much. I just don't know what to do with him at the moment, now he's in his cage talking and singing as though nothing has happened, but I'm a bit scared now to put my hand near him. Do you thik this is one of the mood swings, or has turning into a "big boy" really made him turn into a nasty boy?
I'm sure it's just one of his mood swings. He'll be saying what a good boy he is in no time. :)
I agree with Bea its probably just one of those male hornmonal mood swings :rolleyes: Ollie is starting to do that he is just not biting as hard but he is having his little tantrums last night my son was sitting on the couch eating popcorn and of course Ollie thought it was his and when my son said No he didn't like that and jumped on him he starts yelling for help and my daughter goes over to get Ollie off and he started biting her she got scared and grabbed for the closest thing a to get him to step up because she thought he was going to really bite her, he was so mad :rolleyes: strange boys
Well, that does make me feel a little bit better Laura, I thought Dooby was turning into a brat. He's been out flying this afternoon and was as good as gold. I've put his cage on the floor now, so that he is looking up at us instead of looking down, so hopefully that will help.......but...I have ordered him a new cage. Santa Claws is going to bring it of course. lol. I'll find a photo and post in the pictures thread, or cages thread, or wherever I'm supposed to post it. lol.
He'll be ok. And so will your hand. Teenage boys are the worst. Ziggy's starting as well but nothing compared to what you're describing. He just thinks it's funny to pretend he wants a kiss and then hit my lip with his beak....or my ear...or anything for that matter.
I think i got ultra lucky with Bailee. He never had the really vile teenage period, just little mood swings occasionally. To be honest, i had more trouble with Cookie when she went through her first moult. :p
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