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Ollie the brat

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He can be such a little stinker, poor Minnie was sitting quietly on the play gym minding her own business and Ollie had to go over and get on it, he starts inching closer to her and I am thinking awww maybe he is trying to get close but oh no he was inching closer to push her off and before I could get up the little brat chased her right off the edge :eek:
I am not sure why he is this way with Minnie he doesn't do it to Hollie or Georgie only her and I don't get it she has never bothered him she is the sweetest kindest one out of the bunch and I adore her and I hate that he is so mean to her maybe he is jealous because Minnie and Hollie get along so well those two are always together :love:
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heidi does that sometimes to bella when she is near me or near a toy that heidi likes.
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