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Ollie is discovering his voice

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Ollie is becoming very vocal lately everyday he comes out with more and more its so amazing to watch, he loves to sit on the fridge and chatter and whistle to himself as long as he thinks no one is watching I tried to get a video of him last night but he is camera shy everytime I get that camera out to video him he :p so today I am going to try and sneak around and catch him I tried last night but he is way smarter then mommy he found me at the bottom of the stairs camera in hand and was looking at me like what are you doing :rolleyes: I was very excited as he finally said pretty boy well he didn't quite say it, it was more of a whistling pretty boy but it was very clear :D.
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aww i remembmer when hugs got his. now he never shuts up lol
hehe.... its funny how loud they can be especially when watching a t.v show :p
TV shows are the best times to whistle, don't you know? :p Maximum mummy annoyance that way. Looking forward to hearing Ollie whistle! He will come out of his shell and do public performances in time. Bailee used to only whistle in secret. ;)
I find hugs screams a lot. His whistling well really... sucks. Theres not much more to say about it. I'm sure it will get better over time.
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