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Oldest chick in nest dying ADVICE

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Hello I’ve owned cockatiels for years and my newest pair that I bought started mating and now they’re on their second clutch. They do well taking turns and feeding the chicks however Both times the oldest chick dies. They’ve hatched 3 eggs both times and both times the oldest chick is found dead inside nest box around day 5 or 6. They’re fed soft food (cooked veggies pasta and fruit) and seeds.
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There's not enough information here for us to know what's going on. Is the baby being fed properly and growing at a normal rate? Is it pooping normally, without a strong odor? Does the crop look normal? Is the baby staying warm enough? Are the other chicks in the clutch growing up to be healthy? If it happens again, you could get a necropsy to try and find out what the problem is.
There really aren't any clues here. If it happens again, a necropsy is your best bet for figuring out what the problem is.
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