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I recently seperated a bonded pair out of the aviary into their own very nice accomodations. There was a young punk who kept after the hen and running poor Spot (her mate) ragged. Since I have them seperate Spot is TALKING! he never did that in the aviary. They also seem even tamer than before. I reach in and play with them. Sweet Pea will hop onto my hand and give me a little preen. They will take food from my hand and that's the other good news, their diet. When I first got these birds they were living on crackers in overcrowded conditions. It took them a while to realize that seed was food. I tried introducing them to better foods while they were in quarantine but all I could get them to eat was millet. Once in the aviary they began to sample veggies, pellets and beans. I was worried that seperating them would have them back to their old habits but to my amazement the seem more anxious than ever for their veggie cabob. When I bring it in to them I swear they tap dance 'till I get it in their cage. Then they go after it like piranah! I am so pleased with them. They are only 5 years so I predict a long and healthy life ahead of them.:D
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