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Oh Bother

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Tiels sure aren't picky are they!!! I decided last night to put Minnie and Ollie in one cage and Georgie and Lee in another to stop Minnie from plucking Lee, they all seemed to do fine through the night a few squabbles from Georgie and Lee but nothing major just Georgie being Georgie :p no calling or screaming from any of them, so I took Ollie and Minnie out to shower this morning and I had them up on the shower curtain and there goes Ollie they were on opposite sides and he scoots right across at full speed stops in front of Minnie and starts singing so sweetly to her they were side by side with his head right over hers which I have never seen before with these two his neck is stretched right out standing so tall and she is down low no not in a mating position just sitting low and she has her head tilted to the side just listening to him sing to her :blink: and I am thinking oh no you two better not start now but its all good when Ollie leaned in a little two close she let him she didn't bite him which I was surprised at but she did open her beak and hiss at him so he backed off, Ollie must have thought he hit the jackpot Georgie has never let him get that close, its funny how quickly Minnie got over not being with Lee :lol:

Hey Plukie are you really sure you want to get a female for Dooby :rofl:
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lol thats cute bea stretch and sparkles are doing the same thing i am hoping they do pair up
hey look at it this way you could end up with little plukies lololol
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