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Hi everyone! I am new but am trying to see if anyone has had these odd behaviors with their birds. There may be other things I want addressed from this post but I will post the questions under the relevant topics.
So I currently have 4 cockatiels. Two females and two males. I started off with my original female that I got from someone a long time ago ( estimated age is 16 years) that is extremely bonded with people and kind of ignores all other birds. She is bonded and extremely hormonal when I’m around and I’ve been trying to combat her egg laying issues.
About two years ago, I rescued 3 other birds from someone. At first I rescued a gorgeous lutino male ( Pickachu). Then eventually took two other younger birds from the person a white faced pearl female ( Marble) and an odd looking normal male ( Chicken). ( The person I got them from did not have the time to take care of them and they had two pairs that were constantly breeding). Over time I found out that this odd looking male also had odd behavioral quirks. He only grows two tail feathers and has a bald neck along with a little oversized beak and feet. He looks kind of like a chicken so his name is Chicken. He also doesn’t seem like the brightest bulb out of the four and acts a little “special”.

-It seems like Pickachu bonded with Chicken and with Marble and Marble has bonded with both males. Now that they’re older, Pikachu has been mating with Marble and nesting with her but here’s the odd part… Chicken has also been nesting with the pair too. He calls her to a potential nest, sleeps with them side by side and all three groom each other with no fighting. Anyone had something similar? How do I proceed with this trio?
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