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Hi all,

I have four cockatiels in 4' x 3' x 2' cage. All four are rescues. 3 male, 1 female (I received them as 2 bonded pairs). All are playful and singing. They don't like human hands, but that is a consequence of their previous bad homes.

Every few months, I notice these red splotches on the paper lining (see image). the consistency is thin with no center mass of feces. There is only ever 2-4 splotches, and they usually seem to happen at night. I always check the birds thoroughly for any signs of bleeding (2 are it's quite easy). Never any signs. No behavior change (although that doesn't necessarily mean anything).

I monitor them to make sure that their fresh droppings are fine. Everything checks out. They are given a luxurious diet of ZuPreem fruit pellets (multi-colored, including red), KayTee mixed seed, and millet treats. Their droppings are always "normal" colored except for these.

The female has never laid eggs. I give her bedding just in case...but she never shows interest. She and her mate were almost certainly physically abused in their past home (she has a broken wing that never set quite right, and he has an offset lower beak that I need to Dremel every two weeks)

Please understand that I am MORE than happy to take these birds to the vet to get bloodwork and a general checkup. I'm just trying to avoid taking all four of them. I just wanted to throw it out to the community to get your opinions. My gut tells me it's the female...but I see absolutely NO signs of blood around her cloaca.
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