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Hi all,

I have a pair of cockatiels, the girl is about 9 years old and boy age is unknown. They started laying eggs last year, all the way through winter (we live in San Diego, CA, so winter isn't really harsh, plus they are indoor). They had just one hatched, the rest are not fertilized.

We started noticing that the girl drinks a lot of water, and always have watery poop. Since the baby (now almost one year old) and the boy eats and drinks the same stuff, and they have normal poops, I ruled out food related issues. I read that reproduction could have this effect on girls, can anyone verify that?

Otherwise, we noticed that the morning poop (she takes night shift) is large, watery, foul smelling, and no well formed feces. We thought this is normal since she has to hold it all night long. But when she is out of the nest, she is always thirsty and produces watery poops.

This has been going on for at least 4 months now, I am a little worried if she is sick. Any info you guys can pass on would be great.
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