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Hello everyone,
I've been reading couple of posts on the forum since my question is a bit "common". Tho, mine will be a bit different.

My girlfriend and I wanted a tiel for quite a long time and we finally started looking for one few weeks ago. As we were looking for a newborn, we found the announce of someone leaving the country and selling his 2 years old male tiel, he seemed to be a very nice bird, tamed and playful.
We decided to visit him and we both really liked him so we decided to bring him home. His previous owner explained to us that with his new job he would not be able to be home enough to care good care of him and wanted to give him to someone who could give him more time, the bird was already alone everyday morning to evening since he was working the entire day.

It's been two month now Kaz' is home, in my office (I work from home as software developper) and everything is going fine, I already managed to teach him the game of throne theme song :p except that... Kaz' is OBSESSED by his reflect, obsessed by the mirror his previous owner gave us, I did try to remove it but he became really agressive and started flying to anything that has a reflexion, window, frames, even the apple logo from my long as he can see himself he is fine and will start singing.
He becomes really agressive if I get my hands close to the mirror, he already bitten my finger to blood when I tried to take the mirror out the cage so he could leave it, otherwise he would stay inside looking at himself the entire day.
My girlfriend and I are getting a bit scared now, even tho he won't chop off a finger off, it is not a really pleasant treatment to receive...

I first started to place the mirror out the cage so I could just take it away and he would fly on my shoulder and go in another room with him and once there hide he mirror to do something else, it worked for a time until he finds anything with a reflexion and start getting obsessed by it again. ex; In our bedroom I think he would kill himself flying from the closet to the window back and forth constantly just to see himself 2 second in the window reflexion.
Well, I think you got it, I am a bit lost, I don't really know what to do and at this point I'm wondering if I am not being super mean to remove the mirrors, this bird used to be very lonely and I understand that the mirrors are for him the company he never had before...

I would take any advice or tips, thanks
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