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Not About Cockatiels but In Need Of Opinions

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So I impulsively bought a male zebra finch because I didnt have the heart to leave him all alone in a plastic pet store box. I realized I needed to get him some company so I later bought two society finches (whom I thought were males as well) to keep him company. I put in a wicker hanging nest and before I knew it several eggs had been laid - pleasant surprise? I wasnt really familiar with these birds or prepared for the situation so I hadnt expected breeding to occur, at least not that quickly. Ive scavenged the web for any info I can get on how to handle the situation, however, ive come up empty handed with a couple of things that worry me. I have periodically checked the nest and I see that a few of the eggs have not hatched but I do have some babies that are growing in size. Ive included a high calcium diet with crushed cuttlebone and grit for the mother to feed. My current issue is what I need to do about getting the infertile eggs out of the nest. I also need to know how I can clean it out as it is getting very messy with droppings and I dont want the babies to get sick. The problem with this is that I dont want to disturb the nest in a way that makes the parents reject the babies but I also would like to make space for them and establish a clean environment whilst they are maturing. The nest is a wicker sphere with a small hole in the front so its nearly impossible to do much of anything without disruption. What can I do, if anything? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Isabella
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I have finches. They are small in the size but they are so active and strong
If the eggs are bad they will through them out of the nest. Also if the babies got out of the nest you can remove it and clean it but they will lay another eggs. Believe me they can reproduce so quick
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