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Hi all :).
Just joined today! Very glad I've found a forum just for Cockatiels. My name is Nic (short for Nicola) and my Tiel is called Filo (fee-lo). She is pearl pied, 3 years old. I've had her from 3 month old. Nice to meet you all ;)
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Looks a lot like my little one who is a year and a half old. I just know she is a pearl, never could understand the difference after that
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She is a cinnamon pearl as well, and she is very pretty! 🥰
Aww thank you for letting me know! I’ve wondered, but since I didn’t plan on breeding her never did enough research to know fully haha. And thank you, she thinks she’s a pretty bird too 😂 her name is 曇曇 (I’m a Chinese major living in Taiwan) or in English I just call her Birdbird. I picked the Chinese name because it has the symbols for both the sun and clouds in it, to represent her grey and yellow coloring
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