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Noo Noo Is a Dork

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Noo makes me laugh every day with his crazy antics. This morning I put him and Jessica on the window sill on the stairs landing (we are living upstairs at the moment being flooded) so they could watch the traffic (they love it) and Noo starts to talk to Jessica firstly he says What U Doing Georgy Georgy a few times, then What U Doing Noo Noo over and over and to finish Patty Patty Patty.

When will he learn the way to a girls heart is at least to get her name right :D
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WoW~ It must be nice to have a talking little boy! You should record him and post it! :)
Im sure I have a recording I will find it and post it.
Thats so I would get a kick out of a talking boy, maybe he figures Jessica is to hard to say :p did you teach him these words or did he just pick them up over time?
LOL!!! Noo is just hilarious. I love that boy. :p
too cute :D He is lucky she did not push him off the windowsill :p
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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