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Night Frights and Fighting

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Hi i have two beautiful cockatiels, not exactly sure what sex they are. My problem started a week ago when they had a night fright while i was out, both wings on both birds were bleeding but it had stopped by the time i had gotten home. So how would i get them to clean the dry blood off because they are still refusing to bath (ive had them for 8 months and they are both around a year old)

and tonight they had a fright again or a fight, not to sure and they split open their wounds again which have also stopped bleeding, so i've separated them to help prevent this from happening again. when these things occur is it a good idea to separate them? its sleep time for them anyway and ive put both cages next to each other and put a sheet so it goes over the top of both of them. They will be back together in the morning when i can monitor them and make sure they don't hurt each other or themselves. do you think i should separate them at night until their wings have healed?
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my guys used to have nightfrights but i put a lamp on for em and they havent had one in a long time now :) prehaps you can do that for them im sure it will help! can cover them up mostly but maybe just leave one corner open for them to see the little bit of light
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