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hi l joined a few days ago don't think l've introduced myself though.

my name is Darls l live in brisbane,queensland,australia and we have 2 teils 1 female Peaches and 1 male Koda.

my teils are funny and very different. Peaches is cheeky and loves 2 fly and she is very loud when she wants 2 be! she's very indepent but loves 2come down for meal times or just 2 for rubs,kisses and daddy time.she also loves 2 spy on the neighbours and other birds from our kitchen window.

koda is quiet has just started talking he says "l love you bub boy" or "who's a bub boy?" my specail name for him. he also loves 2 listen 2 music and sing or just sing in general, he also likes sitting in between mum and dad on my soft toy frog. he also likes 2 tell my hubby off all the time he gets excited by it his tail wags it's cute!.:D

koda is a white platium pearl.

peaches we aren't sure about.

we have toddler toys they play with like wooden jigsaws and numbers Peaches likes 2 throw them at us as well as toy animals(littlest pet shop which they love 2 drag around and drop.

Peaches thinks it's funny when daddy has 2 pick them up.

this is the only pic l have uploaded at the moment.these r our babies!.

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Your babies are gorgeous! I love their names too. Welcome to the site-hope you enjoy it!
Your cockatiels are beautiful and they sound like real characters! :D Welcome to Talk Cockatiels.
Hello Darls and welcome to Talkcockatiels!!
I must say, Koda is one of the most beautiful cockatiels I have ever seen, just so pretty...
Welcome to the forum, koda and peaches are gorgeous!!! and sound like real characters thanks for introducing yourself and telling us a little bit about your beautiful pair :)
aww your tiels are beautiful. I use to have that frog. I gave it to my little sister when she was like one. Needless to say i don't want to touch it now.
I gave it to my little sister when she was like one. Needless to say i don't want to touch it now.
ahhh come on a little baby goober never hurt anyone...hehe :p
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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