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Newbie here

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Hi Everyone,

I just bought my first cockatiel 2 days ago.Her name is Rosie (my 6yr old decided it was a girl and named her), she is 6wks old and reasonably tame. We are just in love with her. I also have a budgie named tweety which we have had for 5 years. He talks all the time and is obssesed with his bells lol , he is constantly playing with them.

As Rosie is our first tiel i just wanted to ask how long till they settle in, she is very quiet atm and doesn't move around too much? I have had her out of the cage a couple of times and she sits on me for a few minutes before flying off. She steps up on my finger most of the time without to much effort.She even sat on my shoulder for about 5mins this morning which was great.Anway sorry if the post is all over the place but im just so excited to have a tiel and to have found this place.

Donna & Rosie

ps I will post a picture when i figure out how
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Thanks for your replys, i will definatly post a picture. She is eating ok, but she hasnt found her water yet, i lifted it up to her a few times and she drinks no problem. How much do they drink usually?

1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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