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Newbie here without a cockatiel ...YET!

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Hello! My name is Tanya and I'm excited to have joined your group here to learn about cockatiels! As you might have seen from a few previous posts, I've been searching for a lutino for quite some time and this weekend I FINALLY FOUND A BREEDER!!! :tiel4:
I'm soooooooooooooo excited! She is only 1.5 hours away and breeds lutinos, pearls, and pieds. She always has gorgeous babies and there are eggs RIGHT NOW!! Even if for some reason she doesn't have any lutino babies, she has contacts in Alberta (I'm in New Brunswick) and can help make me a lutino mommy!! I just can't express how happy I am right now! I know it will be months before I can actually get my baby, but she is a reputable breeder who hand raises and feeds her babies. So I know I'm getting a great quality baby.
She will be emailing me pics as soon as the eggs start hatching, of which I'll be posting! I can't wait to see baby tiel pics and see what colors develop.
This will also give me lots of time to get the new cage and decorate it for the new baby!

Now just to find that perfect baby tiel name, suitable for a boy or a girl...

I was thinking Zazu... but now I'm thinking of other options... something classy... a lady I know named one of her parrots Bogart... I always wanted Doberman Pinchers named Bogart and Apollo...

hmmm... food for thought anyways...

I'll be keeping you all posted!:clap::excited::clap::tiel4:
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:clap: I'm so excited for you!! I hope the breeder gets a lutino baby for you!
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