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Newbie also need some help if I can use this perch...

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Hi there,
I've decided to get a cockatiel and I need some tips and a list of things that I should and shouldn't do. ( Or direct me to a new forum) I'm going to get a cage 45d×75w×140h for one cockatiel, is that too big? I'll be adding some toys too but mostly foraging toys as I do at least 6hours of school😬 I also got some sticks from a wooden decor vase. It feels a little like balsa wood but I'm not too sure?
Can't upload the image but if you're super interested in helping me I just pm me please😁
Thanks heaps!
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Hello there and welcome to the forum!

As a rule, the bigger the cage the better. So your cage sounds perfect.

As for safe wood, you need to be absolutely certain on the type of wood it is before offering it to your cockatiel as some woods are highly toxic.

This website page has a list of safe and unsafe plants and below that a list of safe and toxic wood.
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