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New to the forum!!

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Hello everyone! My name is Nia and I am sad to say that my beloved Cino, short for Cappucino, passed away last week due to an infection in his beak :( He was only 3.5 yrs old and he was my baby. He was very smart and lovable. He said a few phrases like "I love you" "Hello" "Gimme kisses" and he could whistle any tune after only hearing it a few times :love: He is buried in our backyard, right outside of my bedroom window and he is missed dearly.

We weren't planning on getting a new tiel anytime soon, but the silence in the house is eery and painful :( We know that we won't be able to handle the silence for much longer, so we are going to look at some baby tiels this weekend and hopefully bring one home. Not to replace Cino, b/c he could never be replaced, but to fill the void in our hearts. I hope to be posting pictures of our new baby soon and can't wait to meet everyone here :)
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Welcome to the form :D Sorry to hear about Cino.
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