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Hi there!

As the title suggests, I am new to this site and to having a cockatiel. His name is Nigel and he tends to keep to himself. He is definitely not a cuddly bird but I hope he will become more social as he settles down here some more. I read they can take up to 8 months to really feel at home in a place. We found him at a Pet Value and it brought up the conversation to my partner that I've always wanted to have a parrot since I was little and my teach brought her African Grey into the classroom and he would sit with me for the day. He surprised me when I came home from a girl's weekend with Nigel and has since become very attached to him as well. He admits that he never thought he would be a bird person. It must be the adorable little cheeks on him and his singing.

I am looking for advice on how to bond with a fellow that doesn't really seem to have an interest in it. He just likes sitting on/around his cage and he have put lots of sticks and toys around it to try and make it fun for him. He likes to climb up and down and has even flown away from his cage on his own accord. His wings are still clipped from the store but we want him to be the best bird he can and will let them grow back in. He tends to walk away from my hand when he is on his cage but will walk towards it if he has flown away and is wanting to get off the floor/table. I want him to trust me and I give him treats and sing with him when he does. I have been trying and failing at recall training since he will look at the millet in my hand and will just try to take it without getting on it. His cage is right next to the couch so we are about to be around him as much as possible. I only chase him to be on my hand when we are going to bed and he is out. He seems to be a grumpy pants sometimes and will hiss at me for just passing by, usually at night when I am doing the last bathroom run.

We got him natural wood perches, some dowels so he can walk aright across, a wooden bridge (the store said it was his favorite), some tear apart toys, a little nest thing, a flat platform, and other little toys with bells that he really seems to enjoy. He LOVES the seeds on a stick things. We feed him loose seeds and cockatiel food as well. He always has new water and he really gets into being sprayed with water since he used the little bird bath more as a toilet bowl when it was in there.

Sorry for the long post. My partner and I just want to be the best we can for this little guy and are still learning. We had no idea that he would be using his little cozy for some... release until we saw him humping it the other day. 😂
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