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First time owner of a White Headed Cockatiel from petshop, 4 months old and they dont know sex. Had him for one week and he is called Billy Bongo 馃挋
Not chirping, but he will ( I call him a he) if you put Cockatiel sound on you tube, he chirps away.but don't want to do that, I want him to get used to my soft voice, I talk, sing and read stories, he listens to everything I am saying, but still no response. He will take apple from my hand but will not step up, he backs away.
He is free to come out of his cage as I have left the door open for him.
I feel as if he hates me and I feel that I am doing something wrong, any advice would be most appreciated. I want Billy Bongo to feel happy, and right now I don't think he is.
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