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New tiel

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I was going to buy a tiel a week or so ago but decided against it because I ended up moving so obviously not a good time to get a new bird.

I still have my heart set on a tiel, but I am concerned about the extra pressure when I already have two female Australian budgies and one male half Australian half show budgie. He is housed separately. My tiel would also be housed alone.

So my query is this, other than the fact tiels need different/ fattier seed, crumble and pellets is their diet pretty similar?

For example if I am providing my budgies with fresh veg, fruit, sprouts, crushed nuts etc would the same be suitable for a tiel?

I want all my birds to have good nutrition so if I could grow/sprout/buy pretty similar foods that would be ideal.

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Yes, the diet of budgies and cockatiels are pretty similar. But DON'T try feeding cockatiels nuts. Nuts have a fungus which is toxic for cockatiels. Other than that, your soon-to-be cockatiel and budgies should get along well. (Though cockatiels do have a bigger appetite)
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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