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I've been posting a lot lately but I have another question about my new whiteface cinnamon tiel named Sebastian.

It's been about three days and Lorenzo seems to have welcomed Sebastian with open arms. I know that they will form a strong bond with each other but I was wondering when I'll be able to tell that they are bonded? Right now they sit near each other but for the most part they do their own thing. Lorenzo was starting to get funny about his food dishes and didn't want Sebastian to eat out of them. Nothing serious, he just made some angry screeching noises. Sebastian didn't seem to care and continued to eat. I did double up on almost everything. Two pellet dishes, two seed dishes, two millet holders, two water dishes, and two cuttlebones. Sebastian doesn't seem to really know how to act like a tiel. He was hand fed from the beginning and was just weened about a week ago. He was only around his two siblings and humans. So I'm thinking Lorenzo gets frustrated because Sebastian pays more attention to me.

Just wanted to know what I should be looking for as far as them bonding. I've only ever had one tiel and I don't really know what they look like when they are bonding.

I tried doing research online but everything is just about how to get your tiel to bond with you. Not their cage mate. :wf cinnamon::grey tiel:


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