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Hi all, I've had a pair of tiels for a couple yrs and recently they started mating. Long story short, I now have a baby tiel that's 3 days old.

Starting a couple days ago, I noticed little spots of blood on the paper towel in the nesting box. It turns out it's coming from the poor baby tiel's toes. I've also noticed the parents softly biting or nibbling at his toes. I'm not sure if they're doing this bc they sense something is wrong and they're trying to remove something? Otherwise, they've been good first-time parents and have fed it well. I've mainly just let nature take its course, especially as I've never dealt with a baby bird before. The baby isn't actively bleeding out. It's alert and seems to be eating fine.

I've included pics. Is this something I should be concerned about? Should I separate it from the parents? I have a warm brooder and baby food, but am hesitant to do it due to the time commitment (but will if needed) and I don't want to take their baby away. Thanks for your help.



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