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I've had my Tiel for a month now. He was about 14 weeks or slightly older when i got him. He or she is not very vocal, parent raised and very afraid of me...

I've named him (i think maybe its a he) Big Bird, like the character on sesame street. I have two budgies and i kept calling him the big bird, so it stuck. I've heard Big Bird make at least 3 different sounds, but not often. One of the them sounds like a dog whining, one is a contact call, and the other I don't know how to describe. He does like mirrors, and will stare at his reflection. I moved it in a spot in his cage he rarely goes to now. But, i read that males tend to like mirrors more.

He doesn't eat as often as he should, and he doesn't poop often. I think he condenses it into one large goop, he might poo 2-3 times a day. Is that normal? Maybe he's to scared to poop in front of me? He also, tends to eat the most at night.

He doesn't like coming out of his cage, and shakes when I'm near. I work from home and so im with him 24/7 and only try to go in to clean and change food/water bowl. Should i keep him in the living room for a few hours a day, maybe he'll be more comfortable? Again, he's cage is in my room/office and he sees me 24/7. The times he has gone out, i am able to have him perch on a long dowel that came with his cage (i replaced with natural perches in cage) that i hold away from me or he'll fly off. He sometimes takes millet from me, most times he runs away from my hand. He does play with his toys, but again he's very timid and not active. How long does it typically take for a cockatiel to get used to the home, and start being active and lively? With my budgies it took prob about a month until they became the hyper/playful/vocal little birdies that they should be. I feel like its a longer process with the Tiels.

Currently feeding him Higgins cockatiel gourmet and safflower gold. I give him veggies but he doesn't eat it. He doesn't eat the pellets that's mixed in, so I'm going to try the mirror method. I may try the either zupreem fruity, caitec oven fresh bites, higgins intune. Not sure that they would like harrions or tops, so I'm hesitant to buy and it being wasted. Has anyone tried higgins intune or caitec oven bites? Other then the occasional millet, what treats do your cockatiel enjoy?

Thank you in advance for any tips and advice. Here are some pics of Big Bird and my budgies. Not sure what type of cockatiel he is, or if he is even a he.
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