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Hi everyone!
I'm Irma and this is my first post... happy to have found you all!

My question is this. I have four budgies and one cockatiel - the budgies in one cage, the tiel in another. I work from home, so we basically share the same space all day, I also open both cages so they can all go in and out of their cages as they please.

So my tiel hangs out with the budgies, and they do all get on very well, plus I spend a fair amount of time with my tiel (3 month old female) each day, probably a couple of hours, but I can't help feeling maybe she would prefer a companion of her own breed? I would be happy to get her a companion, however space is an issue. Her current cage is 77cm long, 43cm wide and 74 cm deep, so I think it's a bit small for two, although maybe this isn't an issue since they would be spending a lot of time outside the cage?

She's also quite shy and fearful (she's a rescue), and I wonder if getting her a companion tiel would help in this respect?

Any advice much appreciated! :grey tiel::green budgie:
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