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New pictures

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Well here are some new pictures and a few of the cage. With the cage i actually found out that i still don't have one part i should. i emailed them about it but don't expect anything back from them. I ended up fixing it my way which was using a wooden down in the center of the cage to keep the top of the cages from closing together. This was a big help to be able to side the divider in and out.

As of tonight hugs and slush can no longer be housed together or have play time together. Slush was "moulting" or so i though. It seemed like the feathers just went growing back. She would get pinnies but there never seemed to be more feathers only less. Today he proved to me he was plucking her. I was watching them preen each other. He grabed a pinnie and yanked it out. I'll update what happens over time.

Well heres the pictures

I have more just not on the computer yet.

And cage

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The cages look great :) what a mean little boy pulling out her feathers like that, mine don't have alot of playtime together they basicaly stay away from each other when Georgie and Ollie get near each other she tries to bite him she nipped him once on his chest drew a little blood but he was fine so I keep them apart for now I am hoping over time they will get to like each other
Awww...that's why I was dead set on having two cages- not only the breeding factor but any picking on eachother while I'm not around. Glad you were able to find out so that way you can keep them apart. Mine don't LIKE eachother either- they both get jelous and I have to give them head scritches at the same time but they can have play time together...for now.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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