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New pictures of Lucky!!

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I'm still working with him, and I don't get much time because he hardly ever leaves his cage, but he came out today and I got a few pictures:

Here he is on my shoulder, getting a kiss:

Another one, in black and white:

This bird just loves attacking my wedding rings! Look at him go:

And another, of Lucky in the sink:

That's all for now, I should get a few more soon, hope you enjoyed.
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Lucky is a gorgeous boy :D all of mine like attacking the wedding ;)
Chiclet things my engagment ring is fun to try to eat too.
Wow, he is a handsome man!! :D
The black and white photo looks great!! :D
Thankyou everyone. I'll be getting some more soon, I love getting pictures of my animals.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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