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Hello, I have put a deposit on a white face baby. I first saw this baby October 26th. I am unsure of the exact age but believe it was about 1 month old at that time.

I am not new to bird ownership but this will be my first cockatiel. I have had in my life parakeets, bebe parrot, african grey, love bird and most recently a parrotlet. Sadly after 7 1/2 years my parrotlet died overnight a few weeks ago. It was fine in the evening and dead in the morning.

I had been looking at cockatiels for a few years, but I am only able to have 1 bird. I am creating a nice bond with this baby and we both discovered it could fly last week. This bird did not move from my hands just did step up and sat there for scritches for weeks. I am not sure who was more surprised, me or the bird when it flew! Because the bird is currently at a bird store with large parrots in nearby cages my bird was clipped so there is no chance it can land on one of their cages. My baby is still being fed formula and I can not have it until it has been eating on its own for two weeks.

I have become a member of a couple of face book forums and there seems to be an overwhelming opinion that I should not have 1 bird. I do work but the bird will have plenty of toys to play with or shred. The bird will have outside time and attention when I am home. Our last bird loved to have dinner with us, he had food on his own plate and he would first check our plates to be sure they were the same, lol

I am wondering if maybe I picked the wrong breed for my next bird? A second bird is not an option. I am curious to hear from single cockatiel owners, do you have a good relationship with your birds?
Thanks in advance
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