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After some consideration and discussion, my mother and I decided to buy a second cockatiel. Our hopes are that Luna will bond with her new friend, though we know the possible outcomes. As we begin our quarantine, we were wondering how to proceed with getting the new bird ready to meet with Luna. Some quick things about her:

-We don't know how old she is exactly, we just know she's less than a year.
-Don't know her gender either. Although, when they try talking to each other across the house, the new bird would also make some loud. shrill screams, while Luna would respond with a quiet little squeak.
-The new bird is not hand tamed, and we assume Luna was never hand tamed either. However, the new bird seems to be way more relaxed when I, say, reach my hand in to take out the millet. I remember when we got Luna, she would hiss at us even when our hands were in view. Although Luna wasn't hand tamed/trained, she's made significant progress, so I'm sure the new bird will be a quick learner.

Oh, and to give the new bird a name...if it's a girl, Lola, and if it's a boy, Jupiter.
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