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Hello all. I'm in a situation. I have a very youthful acting 18 year old male Cockatiel, and the duplex where we live has to have brand new furnaces put in. High efficiency furnaces have fresh air piped in from outside and not pulled from the basement like our old furnaces do... with the fresh air coming in so does mold and whatever else that is outside, so they have these different air purification systems that can be installed in them, using UV light and some others kinds that ionize. My question is, does anyone have good experience with new furnaces, and their air filtration systems being safe for their birds. I've been reading and reading and not finding much help over the internet in general on this. I just want my boy to be safe.
Anyone have these furnaces? Should I stay away from them and these air purifiers?
So far I've read that the UV-A type light doesn't give off ozone, but the UV-C does.

I have a plan for the testing and gassing off the new furnaces one at a time, seeing as my bird has to stay in this house. I would do one level at a time, using a couple of window fans blowing the fumes out while my bird is in the opposite apartment (w/no furnace on), but any advice on this process also would be greatly appreciated.
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