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New friend for Eddie

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I just found this forum and I am hoping experienced cockatiel people can help. I had two wonderful cockatiels until this morning. My little girl died in my arms and left behind her buddy Eddie. She was 7 years old and he is 6. They had been together for 4 years and now we are worried that he will be lonely. He used to live with a friend and was very lonely until he met Skuttle. She died of a respitory illness and he is showing no signs of the same. We would like to get a new companion for him soon and would like advice. He and Skuttle used to be in separate cages, but became insepartable so they shared. I have no problems with them living together or separate, but I would like him to have a new friend. Is it better to get a male or female for him, or does it matter. Should I wait a long time or get one soon? Should I get him a new friend at all? I don't know if he will accept a new friend. Thanks in advance for any help.
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Hi there welcome to the forum, I am so sorry to hear about Skuttles, Eddie must be so sad without her after all this time together, Its hard to say whether or not he would accept another friend some get along great and others just do not, I have 4, 2 males and 2 females, Lee and Minnie are inseparable and Georgie and Ollie tolerate each other but Georgie really doesn't like anyone, I got Ollie as a friend for Georgie and its been about 10 months they have been together and he is still not allowed to get to close to her or she will try and beak him :p as long as your prepared that they might not be as close as Eddie and Skuttle are he might enjoy the company of a new friend, as far as male or female I don't think it really matters but seeing as he has been with a female for so long he just might enough the company of another female.
Its really up to you on the time, some wait and some get one right away keep in mind they have to be in quarantine in separate rooms for at least 30 days to make sure neither of them is carrying and hidden illnesses.
I am sure there will be others along that can give you some more advice on this good luck in making your decision.
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