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New cockatiel problems

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Hi, yesterday about 20 hours ago i bought a 2 months old high chance of being a male fully weaned normal grey cockatiel,his name is Luka,he hasnt been eating nor drinking nor sleeping since. I dont know what to do😞 he has sunflower seeds and millet like seeds and he didnt eat any. Iam thinking of giving him green peas sprouts but im not sure if he is supposed to eat that in this age im getting really worried about him. I guess he isnt comfortable.he also didnt make a sound and barely moves. Please help me (p.s im new here)
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It’s normal for him to not eat since you just got him. He is not used to you and your home. Try giving him some treats?
I tried but he wouldnt budge
It’s normal for him to not eat since you just got him. He is not used to you and your home. Try giving him some treats?
Anyway thanks for your tips, by any chance do you know if i can feed him green pea sprouts in his age?
Hi, 👋 (I am new here as well!) My babies are about 14 weeks, and were introduced to veggies including sprouts during weaning. I’d say they’ve been eating them as a regular daily meal for close to about a month (I’d have to check exact dates) however, they were introduced to them to pick at or play with at will during weaning. You could even offer cooked veggies - just make sure they aren’t still too hot as they don’t know the difference and can suffer internal burns. Cooked long grain rice or wheat pasta they can have in moderation (I say that because my 2yr old male would stuff himself with a whole bag of soft warm rice if I let him lol). I wouldn’t worry yet, it is perfectly normal as another poster said and it could be several days before he really starts to tuck in at meal times. Check feed dishes in morning as well because he might be nibbling at night. You could also leave the feed directly on a clean area of the floor or in a paper cupcake wrapper, so that he can literally stumble across it in case he’s not wanting to explore yet from being in a new home. Good luck and enjoy your new feathered friend! You’ll figure each other out in no time!
Thank you 😊
Thanks for everyone who gave me tips ,Luka is now eating and drinking normally, sleeps the night and whistles when he is in the balcony😄
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