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This is Mr Jack Sweeney. He’s 8 months plus. Been here about 4 days now, since Friday February 24. He is almost never not singing or whistling, or making some sort of noise. And he is LOUD! That is not my issue however, he won’t let me anywhere near him. I’m going slowly but I
must admit, patience is not my strong suit. I don’t know if I have what it takes to tame him, or if that’s even possible. I would appreciate any and all advice. I was told to leave his cage doors open. I have a dog however and she’s a terrier. I’m not taking any chances there. The dog is locked up when I open Jack’s door, but I can’t do that for more than 1/2 hour at a time, sometimes less if the dog is really upset. I have a finished basement where we could hang out, but until I can get him on my finger and walk him down there, it’s a no go. What to do? Oh yeah, I’ve only seen him eat once since I got him. I’ve been feeding him the same seed mix that he was eating from where I got him, plus I’ve added some pellets. One portion of pellets to 3 portions of seed mix. He doesn’t seem to be interested. He’s looked at the fruits I’ve offered him since bringing him home, but he’s not interested
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