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New Cockatiel, New learning Journey

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Hi there Cockatiel lovers, enthusiasts and owners!
I will be getting a fully weaned cockatiel and I need your help:wf grey:
So it is getting used to a seed and fresh veg and fruit diet, so should I lay off the pellets (Vetefarm) and introduce them until later? Also what temperature should a cockatiel be in? (It gets pretty hot up here) and should I remove the she'll grit from the trill seed mix that I got?
I am completely new to owning a cockatiel, but I have had budgies before. I would be extremely happy if you can give me some tips as well.
Thank you so much, and I look forward to hearing from you:love:
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Hello there and welcome to the forum!

Definitely introduce pellets as soon as you can. I've had much better luck with my flock eating pellets if they are kept in separate bowls. You can hand feed your 'tiel a pellet or two as a treat if he/she isn't accepting of them to get him/her interested.

Since cockatiels are native to Australia I wouldn't worry about temperature too much. Just don't put the cage in direct sun. If you see your 'tiel with feathers sleek, holding wings away from the body and beak open/panting, this indicates overheating, which can be relieved with a mist shower from a spray bottle.

Cockatiels don't need grit as they are hookbills. Hookbills hull their seed and grains so they don't need grit to aid in digestion.

Here is an article on food bribery which is a great way to get the bonding process started with your new 'tiel.

Best of luck with your new 'tiel and please let us know how everything goes when you get him/her! :)
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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