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New Cockatiel, New learning Journey

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Hi there Cockatiel lovers, enthusiasts and owners!
I will be getting a fully weaned cockatiel and I need your help:wf grey:
So it is getting used to a seed and fresh veg and fruit diet, so should I lay off the pellets (Vetefarm) and introduce them until later? Also what temperature should a cockatiel be in? (It gets pretty hot up here) and should I remove the she'll grit from the trill seed mix that I got?
I am completely new to owning a cockatiel, but I have had budgies before. I would be extremely happy if you can give me some tips as well.
Thank you so much, and I look forward to hearing from you:love:
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Hi there. I got my Louis almost 3 months ago - store bought and not hand tamed! He’s the most delightful pet - I’ve only had cats before now. I found the best way to introduce new food is to mix it with his seeds. He now likes broccoli, cabbage and silver beet. I mix pellets with his seed but he always leaves the pellets. We also have toast together in the mornings (wholegrain). He will now hop on my arm, sit on my head and crawl over me! Won’t let me touch him yet. Good luck! Mixing other foods with his seed has helped me.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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