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Hello Everyone! I had been researching cockatiels for a few months in preparation for bringing one home. In that research, I found this forum...and just in time. Yesterday I found and brought home my first cocktail. He's a beautiful white and gray young man and his name is Jake. He's only 6 months old and not handled much, so I have some work to do with him. Once home, I placed the box he came home in inside his cage hoping he would relax and come out on his own. I am pleased to announce it only took about half an hour before he hopped out, made his way to a perch and started eating (and pooping!). I just hung out at the cage, adding toys, a bath and some additional perches. He was timid and quiet, but I let him be. This morning, he was a little more at ease when I presented some breakfast (fruit) and some bird songs. He started answering back, so very pleased.

If anyone has any advice on how I should proceed with him, please share. Below is a photo of Jake relaxing on one of his perches.

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Good job 🙂
I got my first cockatiel 2-3 months ago, after a while you will probably get a really close bond.
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