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Hello! Even though I only got my Cockatiels recently, I got my budgies a few months ago, so I am not completely new to birds.

Regarding the title:
I got two of my new Cockatiels a few weeks ago. I was told that they are both female when I got them and even though I really wanted at least one male Cockatiel, I fell in love with the both of them and decided to get them both. They got comfortable and used to being here pretty quickly (already jumping on my hand in the first few days, etc..) and I am guessing this is due to my budgies being handtame and all that. After a few weeks I decided that I still really wanted a male and added one to the flock. I got this one from a different breeder and I was told that he is around 3 months old. But after I got the new Cockatiel (Kirby) one of my "female" Cockatiel (Pikachu) started to sing a lot, which I was told is usually a sign that it is a male. She also started showing other signs like beak thrapping and heart wings. Kirby seems to be kind of fine with Pikachu, though it seems like Pikachu is trying to court Kirby (so I am also beginning to suspect that Kirby might be a female???). Now, the problem is that Kirby seems to really dislike the other Cockatiel (Banana). Banana is really sweet and doesn't fight back at all when anyone is trying to shoo her away. And Kirby does just that everytime she is close, so now I am feeling really sorry for Banana, because she always seems to be alone nowadays (sometimes she sits with the budgies). I obviously don't want her to feel left out or anything like that and now I am wondering what to do.

I guess my questions are:
1. Does Kirby just need more time or is there any specific reason as to why Kirby seems to really dislike her? (maybe due to his age?). Or rather, how high is the chance that it will get better?
2. What can I do to improve the situation? I don't want Banana to feel lonely. I was thinking of getting another Cockatiel for her, but since it didn't turn out so well with Kirby, I am doubtful that it would really improve the situation (or make it even worse).

Sorry for the long text and thank you in advance :)
I forgot to mention that they are only in their cage at night, so I am guessing it's not the size of the cage that's the issue (I am gonna upgrade it anyways soon), since most of the stuff happens outside of the cage
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