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New Cockatiel, but I'm clueless!

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Hello there I'm new to the forums.
I had to post this really fast because I got a new cockatiel. No, I didn't buy the cockatiel without knowledge about the species if that's what you're wondering, I had to adopt it immediately from a family that got 'bored' from it (they had it in really bad conditions with a small cage and the kid in the family always grabs (tortures) it).

So I've got a few questions, first one being what's the bird's gender?

The cockatiel is terrified, is it recommended to keep it near my desk where I sit a lot in order to tame it? It's currently still in the same cage (refused to move to another).

How old does this cockatiel look?

Do cockatiels like music?

Does the cockatiel hate AC?

Is it ESSENTIAL to trim the cockatiel's wings? They are currently trimmed, but I don't plan to trim them again if it isn't absolutely essential.

When it gets used to its surroundings, should I house it with my budgies or with my zebrafinches? (I have a big flight cage that is split into 2 spaces). And no, getting a new cage just for it isn't an option, I don't even have the space.

I'd appreciate ANY help, thanks in advance.
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Hello, and welcome to the forum!

I think your tiel is a female based on the colour of the cheeks (too pale I think for a male, but it could just be the photo).

About music, I think it is individual. My tiel likes Mozart, but hates Beethoven for example. :)

I don't know for sure as I don't have it, but I don't think AC is good for tiels.

It is not necessary to trim a tiel's wings. I haven't for quite a while as my tiel is very good at flying and definitely not clumsy. Some tiels bump into things while trying to fly because they are clumsy, so owners trim their wings. At any rate people usually don't agree on this, so you will have to decide for yourself what is better for your tiel.

Don't house your tiel with other birds, particularly other species. If you don't have the space for a bigger cage, are you able to keep your tiel out with you? My tiel is always out with me (although his cage is not small). He only goes in to sleep or when he is very mad and 20 minutes inside under the blanket usually calm him down.
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One more thing... If your tiel has been neglected and abused, you will need to be very patient as it will take some time before she or he can trust you. She or he is probably afraid of human hands right now so you will have to win her/his trust slowly, with little rewards like millet spray in your hand for example.
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