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NEW cockatiel behavior

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This is about my cockatiel's behavior. Although it has only been 1 day since I got my new cockatiel(also, this is my first pet parrot) but it keeps on walking back and forth in front of the cage door and climbing the top of the cage which resulted in it falling and hurting itself although it is new. I suspect it is because it wants to come out some more it has been bleeding and I think lost quite a lot of blood which makes me worry. I THINK it is a blood feather but I am not at all close to my cockatiel yet so any suggestions?
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I have no picture because most blood has been cleaned but not sure if it's normal or anything but my cockatiel just pee but no poop and the pee seems yellow.

He definitely wants to come out more. Is there a way to let him out at least a couple of hours with supervision. Also if he has lost quite a bit of blood, i would take him to an avian vet. I had my cockatiel also bleed, but it was a little bit and dried out quickly. So use ur own judgement, because it dangerous if they look quite a bit of blood. Do you have a pic?
there I got a picture. but there are no gets nearby and it's only day 3 for my cockatiel.
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