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So thanks to great advice on this forum, Jax has a new bigger and better cage. It is super!!!!

Built it in about 80 mins. It is so high quality. I would highly recommend it.

Once it was built, i tried my best to do a cage to cage transfer and the inevitable happened. Jax escaped. I did not panic. I spoke to him. Done his fav whistles etc. Rather than chase him about with a blanket, i decided to try some step up with him. We have been doing this gradually with him in his old cage. It took about an hour and a half in total. But we went from no steps up to step up just quickly and then off. Then we went to step up and he would let me move the stick with him on it but before I could get him in the cage he would fly off. Eventually it happened! He stepped up. Let me move him into the cage and boom he was in his new home.

Actually so shocked at how well he picked the step up. I think me staying calm really helped. Lots of praise for him etc.

Since he has been in the new digs, he has ate some treat bars he has never went near. He has been chewing his cuttle fish thing which was his first time and playing with new toys.

I am soooooo happy! Will continue with step up and i might even let him out at some point again and we can play the game of me trying to get him back on the stick and in the cage haha.

Super proud bird dad 😂😂
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