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New breeder

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Hi, I’m new to breeding, although both my grandad and uncle breed when I was younger and I’d help out so I’m not a complete novice. At the beginning of the beginning of the year (before things went crazy) I bought a proven breeding pair of white faces (the hen is also pearl) not long after I took on a pair of males who needed a new home. As it turns out my two “males“ are currently doing very well with their first clutch, having had 4 egg all fertile and two have hatched, I think the other two have died in the shell but they are a young couple so I’m really pleased with how well they are doing. Meanwhile the proven pair are just chilling and haven’t even gone in their nest box😂

any advice on the dead eggs, how long to leave them in the nest how to dispose of them, if it’s possible for someone with not much experience to tell what went wrong with the chick inside, my uncle and grandad weren’t the type to let a girl see a dead Bird unfortunately so this is where I’m most lacking in know how!

Some pics of mum (pearl) and dad (lutino) and the two hatched chicks!
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How do you decide the eggs are dead? Did you candle them? Leave the eggs there for a few more days, and see what will happen. I think your pearl hen maybe a whiteface pearl. Look the babies, all creamy color hair, which indicating split to whiteface. One if the babies is lutino, may be a girl.
Hi, the shells have some discolouration and I can’t see any movement when candled, although the air sacks are still intact. I’m going to leave them till the full 28 days or until the parents reject them whichever happens first, I don’t want to leave them too long as from my understanding the bacteria from a dead egg can be bad for the chicks in the nest.
it’s quite possible she’s split to white face, I don’t know her parentage unfortunately so any split will pop up as a nice surprise! 😂
If pass 21 days, no pipping, the eggs may be bad. Since you don't know which day eggs were laid, you may wait a few days. I usually mark the eggs at big end, so, I know which day is laid. This way, I will know when to check if eggs pipping.
yeah, I did mark them it’s eggs 2 and 4 that haven’t hatched, egg 2 is at 22days and egg 4 is at 18 days. 1 and 3 both hatched at 20 days.
I’ve not given up on them yet, especially 4, but I’m not counting my tiels before they hatch so to speak 😂
We did have a little cold snap for a day or s two just cold mornings, so I’m wondering if the eggs got a little too chilled although they are indoors and mum and dad have been studiously taking turns to eat, drink and stretch their wings and are often both in the box especially at night.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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