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New Bird slave

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hi guys
i live in the Byron shire in New south wales, Australia
i am an animal freak
i have 1 cockatiel~ Cinnamon Whiteface pearl hen

apart from birdies i have 2 dingo-x dogs and many many many fishtanks
i am looking for a mate for Cinnamaroll....(the tiel) which i want to be a hand tame cinnamon pearl whiteface cock...(i know you cant tell the boys have pearl when they grown... the requirement of pearl is strictly for breeding purposes)but i guess the tough part is that i really would like to have the cock from a young age and at that age i wont be able to tell if he really is a cock.... *sigh*
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Hi and welcome!!! :D I would love to see photos of your dingo dogs! With a baby wf cinny pearl you could always see if you could get it dna sexed before buying.
Hello and welcome to Talkcockatiels! I like the title "New bird slave" hehe! :p
oops almost forgot to say... i also have 11 budgies!

the scrappy one in the centre is Minnion...she is a cinnamon lacewing budgie and is Cinnamaroll's sidekick...ignore the scrappyness, she has only been with me for a week and was a rescue bird and was totally messed up(when i got her she had a massive wound on her head...still vaguely visable, and broken tail feathers)
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Your budgies are beautiful! Love the set up-they look like they enjoy it.
You have a lovely flock, sorry to hear about what happened to Minnion...glad she's in safe hands now. Thanks for sharing. ;)
ooh ooh ooh Cinnamaroll laid an egg!
ooh ooh ooh Cinnamaroll laid an egg!
Another besides the one you posted in the other thread? I had some questions for you in the other thread.
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