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New Bird = New Questions

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So I just got a 2nd tiel today...

And am I ever going to need your help with this guy. He is about one year old and he came from an aviary. He is not tame in the slightest and I want any advice you can give on how to go about taming him. He isn't too flighty but he does bite (no shock there) HARD!

When I got him home I took him out of the travel cage by way of a towel. I held him for a little bit until he calmed down and then slowly released him while I was sitting on the bed. He crawled out of the towel and the two of us just sat there for a while. When I was ready to put him in his cage I used a dowel to get him to step up. He is in his cage now, clinging to the wall. I'm not going to pester him much for now. Just take my computer in his room and play some games in his presence.

Oh... and how do you get a cockatiel to let go of your finger when he really doesn't want to? I will admit that I probably didn't do it right (he refused to let go so I used my free hand to gently pry his beak off). I didn't jerk or scream. I put him down on the bed and he just sat there with my finger in his mouth. :p Not something I really want to repeat.

That's all the questions I have for now. Trust me... there will be more later.
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Congratulations on your new tiel:)all i can suggest for now is try to be as persistant as you can you have showed him that you are not afraid. Aviary tiels are very funny they will fly round forever just not to get caught it must be more funny for them to be watching us run around like headless chickens trying to get them to step up on our fingers.How about gnasher since first introductions started off with a bite:eek:
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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