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Hey everyone! My name is Courtney I’m new here. I have a business I’ve just started called SweetBriar Birds. We rescue, bird sit and I also have 3 bonded pairs of Tiels, Budgies and Fischer’s Lovebirds I’m letting breed.
Last night we welcomed a new Tiel chick to the family. The parent’s pictures are listed below, they are both of normal color mutation, there are 7 more eggs in the clutch I’m praying they all hatch as they are all definitely fertile. But I’m concerned that she’s not able to sit on all 7 plus the new baby, she kinda left 2 eggs aside when the new baby was born. Daddy is kinda hit or miss, but mommy is amazingly attentive. I think I may have my nesting Budgie female foster the two eggs the mama Tiel doesn’t have time for if it continues today... I’ve done tons of research and I know that it’s possible for my Budgie to sit on and care for other species of chicks... Good idea? Anywhooo I digress, the real question I want to ask is will I have normal mutation colored babies, or is there a chance the babies can take on other characteristics? This is their first clutch and I’m curious. Any help would be greatly appreciated ! Thanks everyone! PS you can check out our page to see all of our birds if you’d like at: SweetBriar Birds
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