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Hi Everyone,
I'm new to this stage with my first baby cockatiel Kiwi. I found this really good link on YouTube which has a 3pt series on some good bonding and training tips and how to's!
I would recommend subscribing to this channel! I give it alot of thought and right now my focus is to just hang out with my new buddy and have us get to know each other. Talking and playing, but not so much teaching. I learned this from the channel linked above. I want to make sure I'm not going to overwhelm or confuse my lil guy. To avoid both of us from becoming discouraged. I don't know how long I should do this for, my instinct is probably until we both feel comfortable and kiwi is getting more chirpy. Im sure the link above will benefit any newbie here. I suggest watching all three parts and then go on to explore the channel..each pt will pop up in the corner when ready to play... the first part is just a short intro, the next two are really great! I think it's super important and will be more successful if you and your Birdy take the time to bond first, before training, I wouldn't skip this process! It takes time and trust for you pretty Birdy.. plus putting on your patience pants!! I'm learning myself and this made so much sense to me. Hope this helps! :)
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