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Hi everyone, I just adopt a 1 month old (according to the breeder) a (presumably) male lutino cockatiel. He's been a week with me and fully handfed.

On the 2nd or 3rd day with me, he tried to fly but can't land properly. He is now can be called to fly to me only when he is hungry. After meal, forget about fly to me expectation.

What I notice now, whenever he missed his landing or fly too far and can't land on my hand, he looks upset and scream like a baby dinosaur, lower his body and head and move backward, not wanting to go up to my hands until I kind of force him to, as he has to eat.

Any idea why he is like that?
Oh, he likes to go on my shoulder but I'm not used too have him on my shoulder just yet so I often ask him to go on my finger instead.

This is Kiki, the Tiel
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