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Never again

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Spike had some poop on his underside of his tail. I decided to towel him so I could clean him up. No way was he going to be toweled, he flew until he was extremley tired :eek: So I put him in his cage to rest. Ater 40 mins he seemed ok, so I decided to take him out again. He would not let me :( He was so angry at me :( That he would put his foot on my hand and than take it off, like wait I hate this person :cry: I think he is still mad at me but after 5mins he let me take him out :) So now I don't know what to do. If he won't let me towel him, how can I do his nails ect? I guess I will have to take him somewhere else now to get it done. I feel horrible :(
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I'm too scared to towel Bailee because he works into such a fit that i think he'll have a heart attack.
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